• Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage System 1
  • Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage System 2
Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

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Narada NPFC series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO (Lithium Iron 4 phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as  telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system,  etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong  environmental adaptability.

 Intelligent Battery Management System(BMS) For intelligent Narada lithium battery module, BMS is applied  to monitor voltage, current, temperature of cells and module,  take protections against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current,  over-temperature,under-temperature and short circuit, etc., and  provide cell balancing. In addition, there are DC-DC transformation  functions, used to perform the battery constant current, constant  voltage charge and discharge, standby, protection and other  functions, ensure a reliable safety and excellent performance.  Meantime, Narada supply customized upper computer software for  BMS communication via RS485 to set parameters or read  monitoring data.


Narada NPFC100-48 backup LiFe Battery Module Lithium-ion Battery System for solar and storage

Q:Does anybody know if you can hook a battery pack (jumperleads) up to a normal strand of fencing wire?
No you can't, your battery will short out.
Q:Basically I bought some of these battery packs for my xbox controller:
Hey! I'm not an expert in the matter but I once bought a set of battery packs like these with the same recharge chords. It's just a regular USB cable input with a certain plug on the other end which appears to be purposely designed for these battery packs as I've never seen it before. Except maybe with some phones? You wouldn't be able to buy them seperate I wouldn't imagine unless you went to an electronics store, but if you'd like an extra spare battery pack with a new cable, these ones should be the same ones as your looking for: shop.OKorder .uk/i.html?_nkwxbox+recharge+cable_sacat0_odkwvenom+recharge+cable_osacat0_trksidp3286.c0.m270.l1313 I live in australia, but i'm assuming your from the UK, as the amazon link was .uk/ I hope i've helped, sorry for the long read. Cheers!
Q:And for how long? The continuous power consumption is 12v at 2 amps.
Your batteries will have to be in SERIES to get the 12 volts. 1.2 volts each X 10 12 volts @ 2 Ahr or 2000 milliamp hours (mah). So in theory, one hour. Reality is that the cells will not actually produce 2 amps for 1 hour without the voltage dropping off. So a rating of about 10% of the capacity is recommended. Your battery pack would work for 5 to 10 minutes before draining them down at 2 amps and would get very hot in the process! Switching to a 12V gel cell or 10 D batteries would be better.
Q:I would like to buy a batter pack for my Nikon D50 which also has the vertical grip and shutter release. Does anyone know of anyone who makes one? If so, have you tried it, and do you like it? Also, where could I find them, and how expensive are they?
The only ones I know of are bottom mounted. If you turn the camera 90 degrees there's a shutter release at the end of the battery grip that, after turning now is on top.
Q:The battery pack in the circuit diagram, which is a positive long and thin a short and thick?
The battery pack in the circuit diagram, that long and thin is the positive, the other short and thick is the negative.
Q:I got a rechargeable battery pack from five below and the thing just came with the battery pack its self and no opening for anything to go into it to charge it.and it doesnt even allow my controller to turn on how do i charge the batteries?
Just buy the USB charger one it's so much better to use
Q:I am using an ACER laptop in particular. So, is it safe to use the laptop when it is directly plugged in (battery pack removed)? I only do this while gaming and i think it preserves battery life if I do this.
I'm doing this right now with my Acer laptop! I think it's totally safe, it's better to keep your battery out so that it doesn't fry. If you keep the battery out but the charger in, this is still a source of power and is safe. I've kept my battery out since I've got it, cos I don't wanna ruin it, fry it or ruin the battery life or something. :)
Q:I have a Dewalt battery pack (DW0242) for a sawsall that I want to rebuild/convert from nicd to nimh.
I doubt it. You would need to modify the device and charger to work with the battery.
Q:I just bought an RC truck, and the manual says to charge it for at least 8 hours on the first two initial charges.It's been 6 hours on the first charge, and I really want to play with it. But I don't want to ruin the battery.
You won't ruin the battery. All that will happen is the battery will run out of power soon than it would have if it was a full charge.
Q:As the title implies, I'm looking to make a battery pack here soon. I have the needed voltage and amperage all lined up, and plan to be using NiMH batteries (either RC battery packs or just some basic AA). But, as the main question ask, I would love to be able to use the battery pack as it is being charged. I'm looking to make a laptop of sorts with a raspberry pi, and would love the battery to act like that of a laptop.Thanks in advance!
Just use a pair of diodes with the cathodes (band end) to the power regulator for the Pi, one of the diode anodes going to the battery pack output, the other to the charger input jack, which also goes to your charge regulator.

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